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Lake Geneva has lots of homes bordering its shores. Big ones, little ones, fancy ones. Good ones and bad ones. But even the good ones generally lack something. Great houses on bad lots, bad houses on great lots. The dance goes on, but normally requires some level of settling. At 1014 South Lakeshore, there’s no settling. There’s only pure lakefront perfection that plays out on 162.5′ of dead level frontage, with more than 2.8 acres of delicious, manicured depth.  $7,995,000 SOLD!

Otto Young was born in Prussia in the year 1844. He moved to London, then to New York. He made his fortune in Chicago, and in 1901 he built his limestone masterpiece, dubbed Youngland Manor, on the eastern shore of Geneva Lake. After decades of meticulous restoration, the entire first floor of his palacial lakeside retreat is available for sale. The spaces boast a dedication to the restoration and preservation of orginal finishes typically reserved for public buildings of cultural importance. $5,995,000 SOLD

This gracious estate property on the North Shore is simply stunning. 4 acres of wooded depth, 181′ level frontage, a most delightful setting amongst the finest estates on the lake. Conservancy woods across the street for unrivaled privacy. Grand stone entry with manicured lawns and perennial beds, irrigation, lighting & more. Ready to build on immediately with plans available by Wade Weissman Architecture, this is the finest parcel of land to come to market in years, and must be seen in person to be fully understood. $4,295,000 SOLD!

Here’s a most rare lakefront parcel on the South Shore of Geneva Lake. 110′ worth of level frontage, with 1.43 acres of estate depth. Rather than buy a tear down and deal with undoing some prior owner’s mess, you can buy this shovel-ready parcel and be in by the end of 2016.  The right offer will have Scott Lowell designed plans included (see rendering). If you’re a buyer seeking lakefront perfection in the $4MM all-in range, then this lot should command your attention.  $2,295,000 SOLD!

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Geneva Lakefront Price Per Foot

It's not the best way to determine value, but it helps.

Lake Geneva Real Estate property value discovery includes price per foot, price per square foot of both the overall property and residence, and many nuanced factors including geographic location, topography, adjacent water quality, shoreline orientation, and more.  All of Geneva’s shoreline is good, but some of it is a whole lot better. That’s why it’s best to just ask us and we’ll give it to you straight.

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